Transform Your Vehicle’s Appearance with Expert Vehicle Wrapping

Discover the transformative power of vehicle wrapping at Adept Wrapping. Our skilled team specializes in creating flawless, customized looks for your automobile. Whether you desire a vibrant new colour, branding for your business, or a unique design, our top-quality materials and expert techniques ensure a stunning result. Elevate your ride’s aesthetics and make a statement on the road with our precision vehicle wrapping services.

Yiannamize X Adept – Wrap Rated!


‘The moment I walked through the door, I was Very Impressed’


‘It gives me so much pleasure to see work to this standard, that’s attention to detail. Based on the fact that this is a wrap company – Good job guys’


‘Not all wrap companies are good, but whoever wrapped this; your safe to take your car there and i’d recommend them’


Fall in Love With Your Car Again

Vehicle wrapping is a great way to totally transform any vehicle and at the same time, protect the original finish. By covering body panels in a vinyl film, you can change the color of your car without paying the huge costs of a respray, cover a work vehicle with branding for a business, or give your vehicle a unique style and look while still keeping the original paintwork underneath.

Sometimes called a color change wrap, or a paint wrap, vehicle wrapping is made from a tough vinyl plastic that adheres itself safely to each panel.

There is a huge range of colors and finishes available, and most colors can be closely matched. You can also add intricate designs and embossing to your vinyl too. This means that if you are looking for a unique and dynamic look, you can get it on your car without making a permanent change to its paintwork. The wrap can be removed later, and the paint can be left just as it was when the vinyl was applied.

How Much Does Vehicle Wrapping Cost?

For a medium sized car, you are looking at anywhere between £1750-4k for a decent wrap. That’s using premium materials and a proper fit. Typically, it takes 2 highly trained fitters around 5-7 days to transform your car, but the wait is worth it. There will always be cheaper options, which will often include processes designed to save time at the impact to finish quality. 

We take pride in our work, minimising relief cuts and join lines – something often found with cheaper work.

Our fitters have over 30 years of combined experience between them, and even Yianni himself rated our work highly (check video above)

We have relationships with all major manufacturers and can fit thousands of colours/finishes. We will also take on incredibly complex jobs such as mirror super chrome if you have the appitite for it.

All of our work comes with a fitting guarentee, we also typically remove more panels than backstreet garages – which means that the quality of work is second to none. 


Witness the Transformation: Before and After Car Wrapping

Explore the dramatic changes and incredible makeovers our vehicle wrapping delivers in just one glance.

Vehicle wrapping comes in two options:

Premium Full Car Wraps
From £1960+VAT

Premium+ Full Car Wraps
From £2490+VAT

Door shuts & returns available at additional cost

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Wrap Magic in Action: Speedy Car Transformation

Experience the mesmerizing speed of our car wrapping process as your vehicle undergoes a stunning makeover in seconds.