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PPF Installers in Gloucestershire

At Adept Wrapping, our journey in the automotive industry spans over three decades, making us the foremost choice for Paint Protection Film (PPF) and vehicle wrapping services in Gloucestershire. Our team boasts over 30 years of hands-on experience, dedicated to transforming vehicles at some of the most renowned vehicle wrapping and PPF firms in the United Kingdom. As we continue to evolve and innovate, we remain committed to delivering the highest standard of excellence in automotive enhancement, setting new benchmarks for the industry.


Elevate Your Car’s Aesthetics and Protection with Our Expert Services.

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

We are the leading installer of PPF in the South West. Every installation comes with at least a 10 Warranty, using the best self-healing material in the market. Options include Satin, and gloss Finishes, which will be templated to the manufacturer’s spec or adept custom fit. We have the best installers in the business working hard to protect your investment.

Vehicle Wrapping

Change the colour of your vehicle with a fully reversable wrap, backed by our 5-year warranty. We have thousands of colours and finishes to choose from, so pop in for a consultation and we will talk you through every step of the process.

We can also install stealth black packs at a fraction of manufacturer cost. We are the best in the business. Watch our video review by Yianni himself.


Detailing & Ceramic

All details include a deep valet to interior and exterior. 

Full exterior paintwork is corrected by our specialists to remove light scratches and swirls. A 5 year ceramic coat is then applied to lock in this finsh. Wheel armour and Glass guard can also applied to give your vehicle the Adept treatment.

We regularly sell ‘new car correction’ packages, because paint straight from the factory is often already flawed. 

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Sit down with us and have a look through hundreds of wrap finishes. Try out our paint protection film demo unit, where you can scratch the film with a wire brush and see it heal in seconds. Have a look at the installations we are working on and get an accurate quote for work. Let us walk through finance quotations and see some colors in the flesh.


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Now that you have a better insight into How Adept can help you across Gloucestershire and the wider UK, let’s dive into those frequently asked questions.

When picking a PPF installer, what should I look out for most?

Experience is the main factor that you should take into account when picking a PPF installer. This product is known to be tricky and difficult to correctly install, so you will want to find an installer who has a proven track record. We have over 25 years combined experience with wrap, ppf and vehicle bodywork we also offer a guarantee on the work delivered and only fit the very best products in the market – no cutting corners.

What warranties can I receive when purchasing PPF products?

Paint protection film can come with numerous warranties; however, this will depend on the type of product you purchase. The most common tend to last at least 10 years. Manufacturers offer standard guarentees against yellowing and discolouration, Adept go one stage further and also offer a fitting guarentee. 

Which PPF product is the best?

Good question, it’s largely based on the application in hand. These days, there are at least 4 manufacturers who are producing exceptional PPF film. The self-heal temperatures have come right down, the films are also thinner and more maluable. The clarity on most films have also vastly improved in line with techology. Some manufacturers produce wider film for one-piece bonnets and specialist vehicles, others have significantly better satin conversions available. We currently prefer brands such as Profilm and Stek, but can fit any option available. 



What Alternatives do I have to PPF?

This will depend on the reasons why you are using PPF initially. If your main goal is to protect your car against scratches and stone chips, it’s recommended to stick with PPF. While the smartest consumers will use PPF for their cars, if you are looking for extra protection against bird droppings, UV exposure and other contaminants, a good ceramic coating may be a cheaper alternative worth considering.
While PPF and a ceramic coating serve the same purpose in preventing chemical spills, stopping chemical etch marks and ensuring your vehicle looks newer for longer, ceramic coating creates a hydrophobic surface, makes your car easier to clean, and enhances gloss.

PPS (paint protection spray) was sold by competitors for a while, but that’s quickly been replaced by film. Spray PPF just wasn’t as good – which is why we never offered it.

How do you apply PPF?

This is where the magic happens!

First – The temperature of the environment needs to be controllable so that the material is as flexible as possible. If this is not just right, you run the risk of ghosting, cracking or stretch marks in the film. 

Second – The vehicle needs to be as spotless as physically possible. If possible, a full claybar / de-contamination is the right thing to do. 

Third – Make sure the paintwork is as good as possible – a paint correction is sensible if you can stretch to it, as this will ensure the very best condition exists before we lock that in with the PPF top layer. We would also suggest touching in any minor stone chips before installation (we can do this for you)

Forth – We use a blend of gentle solutions to allow the PPF to free-form around the car, but also encourage it’s adhesive properties to work well. It’s a fine balance we have perfected over the years. 

The film itself is typically pre-cut on our industrial quality kit. These templates come from in-person capture of car patterns – tens of thousands of them are available to us. These templates are not normally available to the public and we pay a hefty surcharge for this facility. We also have the ability to adjust templates so that they fit even better than standard. One of the main differences that sets us apart, is that we will always look for ways to improve on industry standards. For example – smaller gaps between panels, closer coverage on carbon fibre, custom fitting on vehicles that have no patterns, coverage on non-standard panels etc. 


How much does PPF typically cost?

Depends on the size of vehicle and coverage required. For a medium car, front end only you are looking at between £1500-2250 depending on complexity.

Front end PPF will cover bonnet, bumper, wings. 

Intermediate will then add in wing mirrors and A Pillars. 

Full car coverage is obviously the most expensive option, but gives you total piece of mind. Most customers with cars worth over £80k typically go for full coverage.

The cost of respraying even part of the car is likely more expensive, plus a dealer will often tell and down-value a car that’s had paint. Whilst with PPF, if it’s been fitted properly some of that initial investment is likely seen again in resale value. It also helps to support the story of your careful stewardship with that car whilst in your posession. 

I've found a cheaper wrap, why are you more expensive?

We have the best fitters in the business, simple.

We take our time over every install. Most cheaper garages rush a wrap out in 3-4 days, without removing critical panels.

We strip the car back, so that the finish is excellent. The last thing you want is join lines, or visibility of the original car’s colour. All our work comes with a fitting guarentee.

We also fit premium materials, and have experience fitting all mainstream brands. 

Not many wrap companies take on complex work like door shuts/returns or mirror supr chrome, but we deliver every time. If you want this option for an additional cost, include that request on your quotation. 

Will the wrap damage my car?

It’s very unlikely for a wrap to damage paintwork. This largely comes down to three things – the condition of the paintwork pre-install, the quality of the installation, and the quality of the removal. These products are not expected to be permenant so should come off easily in the right hands. Wrap can actually protect your original paintwork from the elements. If can also sometimes hide original imperfections. 

Can i visit you first?

Of course you can. We welcome anyone for a guided tour by appointment, or if you are passing pop in and see if we are available for a chat.

We also run regular meets at head office where we will be showcasing current jobs, demonstrating the quality of work first hand. We also have thousands of colours to look though and a PPF unit where you can see how the top layer self heals in person – it’s impressive.